Donner Pass

Donner Pass is a 2012 Horror film. Directed by Elise Robertson, the film stars, Elise Robertson as Dead Mother, Russ Russo as Jed, Joel Stoffer as Robert, Thomas Kopache as Reed, Luca Bovelli as Boy, Eric Pierpoint as George Donner, Colley Bailey as Mike, Erik Stocklin as Thomas, Adelaide Kane as Nicole, Desiree Hall as Kayley, Desiray Ortiz as Waitress, Kevin P. Kearns, Andrew Reyes as Gullible SUV driver, Dominic DeVore as Derek, Brandon Morales as A.J., Antonio Trischitta as Brody, Krystal Davis as Valerie, Travis Greene as Radio Announcer, John Kassir as James Michael Epstein, Matt Toering as EMT, Hilary Pingle as Police Officer, Susan Deming as Dr. Ebbing, Jude S. Walko as Road worker. A brief summary of Donner Pass; Donner Pass has a trendy in addition to horrific ancient times – the area where George Donner in addition to his have a party came across caught inside the frost of 1846 in addition to were required to resort to cannibalism to stock relishes starving. But whatsoever if it wasn’t delicately history?

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