Cool Kids Don’t Cry

Cool Kids Don’t Cry is a 2012 Drama, Family film. Directed by Dennis Bots, the film stars, Hanna Obbeek as Akkie, Nils Verkooijen as Joep, Fiona Livingston as Elise, Bram Flick as Laurens, Amin Belyandouz as Brammetje, Eva van der Gucht as Juf Ina, Loek Peters as Dokter Snor, Johanna ter Steege as Moeder Akkie, Reinout Bussemaker as Vader Akkie, Chris Comvalius. A brief summary of Cool Kids Don’t Cry; Adaptation of one among Benelux various celebrated children’s novels. Tough wholeness grouping gal Akkie derive pleasure soccer furthermore may possibly engagement a authentic bully…


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  1. maria says:

    tužan film

  2. Molly says:

    You can´t watch, you have to register and stuff.

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