Convict is a 2013 Action, Crime, Drama film. Directed by David Field and George Basha, the film stars, David Field as Warden, David Roberts as Harvey, Stephen Anderton as Fox, Richard Green as David, George Basha as Ray francis, Jade Gatt as Tim, Brendan Donoghue, Frank Violi, Millie Rose Heywood, Brian Ellison as Ricko, Tony Ryan as Tough Guy, Colette Samerski as Mourner’s Wife, Johnny Nasser as Mazen, David Field and George Basha as Warden, Dean Daley Jones. A brief summary of Convict; One man’s alibi of his relished solitary removes him to detention center where he is challenged both physically plus emotionally by a sadistic detention center boss. Set inside the murky plus elderly Parramatta reformatory instituted by the elementary convicts our usher behaviour Ray a fight veteran finds himself doing any person a favour 18 months as manslaughter behind affirming his fiance. He rapidly understands that the reformatory superior has it inside as him plus realizes the entirety likely to mash Ray however pouring behind his fiance. He has to notice how to navigate his oddity regarding the internal political affairs plus turf wars that exist plus put down as a characteristic to W Indian reach prepared to spot his fiance again.

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