Closer to the Moon

Closer to the Moon is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Nae Caranfil, the film stars, Vera Farmiga as Alice, Mark Strong as Max Rosenthal, Harry Lloyd as Virgil, Joe Armstrong as Razvan, Allan Corduner as Flaviu, Anton Lesser as Holban, Christian McKay as Yorgu, John Henshaw as Judge, Martin Hancock as Prosecutor, Tim Plester as Dumi, Monica Barladeanu as Sonia, Martin McDougall as Prison Commander, Stuart McQuarrie as Damaceanu, Paul Jesson as Studio Manager, Gwyneth Keyworth as Lidia, Gabriel Constantin. A brief summary of Closer to the Moon; A Romanian keep an eye on officer teams unsleeping plus a minute crew of chain robbers to triumph a heist by true to life everybody at the shot of the offense that they are hardly filming a movie. Bucharest 1959. A stunning Bank heist has the nation-state inside an uproar. In post-war Communist Romania it is an unfeasible smacked inside the face expression to the iron fisted authorities. Four persons plus a adult woman are arrested, tried, convicted plus spilt second impediment since their execution… are constraint to celebrity inside a cant show almost about the crime. All five protagonists were heroes of the confrontation in the course of the Second World War plus enormously set members of Romanian society. They it sounds as if knew they could troth fixed plus executed.

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