Ci vediamo domani


Ci vediamo domani is a 2013 Comedy, Family film. Directed by Andrea Zaccariello, the film stars, Enrico Brignano as Marcello Santilli , Burt Young as Palagonia , Francesca Inaudi as Flavia , Ricky Tognazzi , Giulia Salerno, Luca Avagliano as Antonio. A brief summary of Ci vediamo domani; Santilli is exploring for the grounds that a blessed squash to modify his life. In South Italy there’s a town whose inclusive people is way over the moment of eighty. Santilli opens a funeral agency. With the income take enjoyable in the more or less funerals he’ll troth able to crack his problems. Santilli patches jointly a realistic funeral firm along with waits for the grounds that the old-timers to die. Days blow over along with not a extra one amongst one another has the decency to croak. Santilli is oppressed along with discouraged. During the butt-nipping frosty of winter, he catches pneumonia. But nowadays the old-timers, are the ones who will be inclined to the undertaker. The relationship proportional to the realism of Death becomes solitary proportional to the pray of Life.

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