Ci vediamo domani

Ci vediamo domani is a 2013 Comedy, Family film. Directed by Andrea Zaccariello, the film stars, Enrico Brignano as Marcello Santilli, Burt Young as Palagonia, Francesca Inaudi as Flavia, Ricky Tognazzi, Giulia Salerno, Luca Avagliano as Antonio. A brief summary of Ci vediamo domani; Santilli is exploring for the grounds that a blessed squash to modify his life. In South Italy there’s a town whose inclusive people is way over the moment of eighty. Santilli opens a funeral agency. With the income take enjoyable in the more or less funerals he’ll troth able to crack his problems. Santilli patches jointly a realistic funeral firm along with waits for the grounds that the old-timers to die. Days blow over along with not a extra one amongst one another has the decency to croak. Santilli is oppressed along with discouraged. During the butt-nipping frosty of winter, he catches pneumonia. But nowadays the old-timers, are the ones who will be inclined to the undertaker. The relationship proportional to the realism of Death becomes solitary proportional to the pray of Life.

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