Betroit is a 2012 Drama film. Directed by Adel Serhan, the film stars, Darine Hamze as Leila, Christine Solomon as Rola, Tamer Alwerfalli, Derek Kelly as Sam, Athena Isabel Lebessis as Lisa, Alex Safi as Sam’s Father, Maria Lucia Safi as Laura. A brief summary of Betroit; Betroit is a portrayal of three couples for their lives grow to be twisted also one and only another. An demeanor of violence disturbs the lives of these twisted couples inside which they each comprehend how cherished warmth plus order would be. Leila struggles to break out loves her insulting partner inside hopes to run off to Detroit where her sis Rola lives. Lisa is desperately searching for a split loves her partner Sam inside calls to pursue a Hollywood career. She claims her partner physically abuses her inside calls to find Sam deported loves the States. Rola who is wedded to a unbeaten lawyer Joe both endeavors to give anyone a leg up their comrade Sam plus her sister’s marital relationship little bit fraught to experience a toddler of her own.

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