Are We Officially Dating?

Are We Officially Dating is a 2013 Comedy, Romance film. Directed by Tom Gormican, the film stars, Zac Efron as Jason, Miles Teller as Daniel, Jessica Lucas, Imogen Poots, Michael B. Jordan as Mikey, Josh Pais as Fred, Parker Block as Girl at the bar, Emily Meade as Christy, Mackenzie Davis as Chelsea, Kate Simses as Glasses, Victor Slezak as Actor, Alysia Reiner as Amanda, Evelina Turen as Sophie, Takako Haywood as Nurse, Dan Bittner as Preppy Guy, Demetrice Jackson, Alice Litvak as Young girl at the Thanksgiving party, Naeem Uzimann as Cab driver, Joseph Adams as Ellie’s Dad, Rachel Heller as Rachel, James P. Anderson as Doctor Murray, Alix Cross, Gregg Micheals as Bookstore Customer, Melissa Mikel as Dancer, Andrew Pagliara as Bartender, Melissa Marino as Girl at the Bar, Christine Kadets as Dancer, Bar Patron. A brief summary of Are We Officially Dating; Three Manhattan bachelors brand a covenant to submit to for a lot of entertainment for likely little bit odd man out single.

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