American Brawler

American Brawler is a 2013 Action, Crime, Drama film. Directed by Jose Montesinos, the film stars, Marco Antonio Alvarez as Carlos Castillo, Dennis Ruel as Ricky, O.G. Dave Rivera as Morales, Morgan Benoit as Chuy, Stacey Rose as Vanessa, E. Ambriz DeColosio as Eduardo Ruiz, Jenna Davi, Natalie Aldajani as Sonia, Sergio Alejandro as Fighter, Chase Jonathan Azimi as Hyphy Pit-Fighting Spectator, Jon Carlo as Drew, Giovannie Espiritu as Stella, Brittani Freitas as Pussi Lyps, George Herman as Christopher, Steve Huang as Fight Spectator, Celeste Javier as Martial Arts Student, Lucas Javier. A brief summary of American Brawler; A martial arts instructor must reach one’s destination the universe of illegal pit boxing inside demands to unless his list also his dojo.

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