A Farewell to Fools

A Farewell to Fools is a 2013 Drama, War film. Directed by Bogdan Dreyer, the film stars, GĂ©rard Depardieu as Ipu, Harvey Keitel as Father Johanis, Laura Morante as Margherita, Bogdan Iancu as Alex, Alexandru Bindea as Gossman, Nicodim Ungureanu as Mayor, Gheorghe Visu as Notary, Hubert Damen as Doctor, Adina Cartianu as Clara, Daniela Nane as Doctor’s wife, Gabriela Baluta as Linda, Andrei Seusan as Friederich, Dragos Stemate, Lino Damiani, Iulia Boros as Flora, Edgardo Viola as Peasant, Dan Moldovan. A brief summary of A Farewell to Fools; Set for the duration of World War II, everyplace inside Transylvania. A German soldier is evaluated frozen making progress the village. The local authorities must make of the culprit, or they will engagement everything picture by the Nazis the sunup after. There’s no thoroughfare to make of the answerable one, however there’s Ipu, the madman of the village, whom they obligation a hero’s funeral if he will claims accountability plus is of the unchanged opinion to pass away inside their place. He must decide, plus span is going out.

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