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Bad Behavior

tt1949583 Bad BehaviorBad Behavior is a 2013 Thriller film. Directed by Nicholas Brandt, the film stars, Hallee Hirsh as Zoe , Austin Rogers as Tyler , Linda Hamilton as Margaret , Ted McGinley as Bruce , Jeremy Dozier as Jack , Elsie Fisher as Grace , Andrew James Allen as Kansas , Jessica Gardner. A brief summary of Bad Behavior; Trapped overnight by an mysterious assailant, a babysitter endeavors to stay safe. As the hours tick by, she grasps that the most eminent danger may possibly troth cherish the incredibly tykes she’s aiming to protect.

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Murder Eleven

tt2130136 Murder ElevenMurder Eleven is a 2013 Crime, Mystery, Thriller film. Directed by Jim Klock, the film stars, Jim Klock as Richard , Julienne Irons as Samantha , Michael Mack as Detective Mayfield , Richard Reid as Detective Jesse , Autumn Federici as Katey , Chad Ridgely, Court Rutter. A brief summary of Murder Eleven; Ten murders, two cops, furthermore solitary killer…

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Bicycling with Moliere

tt2207050 Bicycling with Moliereis a Comedy, Drama film. Directed by Philippe Le Guay, the film stars (in credits order) , Fabrice Luchini as Serge Tanneur , Lambert Wilson as Gauthier Valence , Maya Sansa as Francesca , Camille Japy as Christine , Ged Marlon as Meynard, l’agent immobilier , Stéphan Wojtowicz as Le chauffeur de taxi , Annie Mercier as Tamara, l’agent , Christine Murillo as Mme Françon , Josiane Stoléru as Raphaëlle La Puisaye , Laurie Bordesoules as Zoé , Édith Le Merdy as Mme Bichet , Patrick Bonnel as Roussel , Philippe du Janerand as Le directeur du théâtre , Jean-Charles Delaume as Philinte sur scène , Jean-Marc Rousseau as Le plombier , Joël Pyrene as Le chirurgien (série télé) (as Joël Pyrène) , Catherine Rouzeau as L’infirmière (série télé) , Freddy Nail as Le camionneur , Olivia Algazi as Madame Ramirez , Julie-Anne Roth as Betty , Gilles Treton as Rizal. A brief summary of Two actors. One play. Can the diversity between the two egocentric mortals troth forgot as the sake of friendship plus theatre?

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Go Down Death

tt2024417 Go Down DeathGo Down Death is a 2013 Comedy, Drama film. Directed by Aaron Schimberg, the film stars, Lee Azzarello as Lee , Doug Barron as Emil , Burton Crane as Captain Auld , Rayvin Disla as Butler , Anthony Droz as Dr. Carey , Kara Feely as Kara , Carrie Getman as Carrie , Avi Glickstein as Hugo , Adam Hocherman as Professor Prince , Travis Just as Travis , Lucy Kaminsky as Ramona , Sean Kryston as Sean , Eric Magnus as Leopold , Morris Mandell as Remus , Sammy Mena. A brief summary of Go Down Death; Physical as anyways as mental devastation ravage a forsaken town. Based on the folktales of Jonathan Mallory Sinus.

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Ankhon Dekhi

a Ankhon DekhiAnkhon Dekhi is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Rajat Kapoor, the film stars , Naresh Gosain as Ajju’s Father, Rajat Kapoor as Rishi Chacha, Sanjay Mishra as Raje Bauji. A brief summary of Ankhon Dekhi; centers almost about Raje Bauji, played by Sanjay Mishra who, succeeding a dramatic incident, decides that he will sole rely on whatsoever he sees as well as his eyes.

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You’re in Charge

tt2464508 Youre in ChargeYou’re in Charge is a 2013 Comedy, Drama, Family film. Directed by Tom Krueger, the film stars , Alex Aristidis as Kid With A Broken Arm, Kara Guarisco as Dawn, Caroline Helm as Sam Guidry, Curtis Norris as Eddie, Louis C. Norris as Eddie Guidry, Jim Philips as John, Jim Phillips as John Guidry, Mary Kay Place as Penny Guidry, Speir Rahn as Newscaster, Toby Rodriguez. A brief summary of You’re in Charge; In this suit comedy pool inside the sympathy of Cajun Louisiana, a haplessly ne’er-do-well youngster revenue conjugal like a every year inside prison…

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Stockholm Stories

a Stockholm StoriesStockholm Stories is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Karin Fahlén, the film stars, Martin Wallström , Jonas Karlsson , Cecilia Frode , Julia Ragnarsson , Filip Berg , Marie Richardson , David Dencik , Dejan Cukic , Peter Carlberg , Pia Halvorsen , Niklas Engdahl, Gustaf Hammarsten, Joakim Lundberg as Party Guest. A brief summary of Stockholm Stories; is a present-day along with odd multi organization drama with observation to five people in general whose styles mongrel at many pilot of some rainy time inside November…

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Anatomy of the Tide

tt1980038 Anatomy of the TideAnatomy of the Tide is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Joel Strunk, the film stars , Robbie Amell as Brad McManus, Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Gina Harper, Spencer Locke as Bridgett Harriman, Gabriel Basso as Kyle Waterman, Danny Flaherty, John Shea as Davis Harriman, Susan Traylor as Kim Brewer, John Fiore as Lindell Parks, Nathan Keyes as Donny Brewer, James Colby as Maynard Waterman, Alison Wachtler as Ms. Samuels, Matthew Delamater as Jim Milligan, Daniel Noel. A brief summary of Anatomy of the Tide; Three island boys, inside their closing summer of adolescence, glance further from an sea that has incarcerated one another for the reason that nearing to arrangement their hopes as at any rate as dreams…

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Backyard Ashes

tt3273644 Backyard AshesBackyard Ashes is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Mark Grentell, the film stars , Sarah Burnell, Damian Callinan, Maddison Catlin-Smith as Kerri, Chris Coleman, Rachael Cox as Abby, Ande Cunningham as Harold, Matt Davidson, Adam Drummond as Freddy, Alice Ferguson as Wilma, Norah George as Grace, Andrew S. Gilbert as Dougie Waters, Martin Harper as Arthur, Doug Hogan, Stephen Holt as Norm, Julieanne Horsman, Waseem Khan as Bin, Daniel Krige as Truman, Tim Kurylowicz. A brief summary of Backyard Ashes; Dougie Waters savours zilch more a weekend barbie plus cricket competition along furthermore his mates. But his paradise…

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Samuel Bleak

tt1480670 Samuel BleakSamuel Bleak is a 2013 Drama, Thriller film. Directed by Dustin Dugas Schuetter, the film stars , Jaime Murray as Vivian Bleak, Keith David as Ned Coffman, Deborah Kara Unger as Roselyn Ramirez, David Zayas as Ruben Ramirez, Azure Parsons as Margo, James Russo as Charles Bleak, Ronnie Gene Blevins as Walters, Robert Miano as Reverend John, K Callan as Elaine, Lance E. Nichols as Lester, Christine Kelly as Kat, Dustin Dugas Schuetter. A brief summary of Samuel Bleak; In a still southern town, various lives are transformed till the end of time as a random mute and a shadowy confidential is permitted to a psychological institution.