10.000 noches en ninguna parte 1 vote

10.000 noches en ninguna parte

tt1680303 10.000 noches en ninguna parte10.000 noches en ninguna parte is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Ramón Salazar, the film stars , Najwa Nimri as Claudia, Lola Dueñas as Su Amiga, Andrés Gertrúdix as El Hijo, Susi Sánchez as La Madre, Rut Santamaría as La Hermana, Paula Medina as Ana, Andrés Lima as Un Tipo, Manuel Castillo as León, Beatriz Ortega as La Llorona, Rikar Gil as Un Chaval. A brief summary of 10.000 noches en ninguna parte; A chronicle filled with dreams, fears, love… a race to freedom.

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Charlie’s Country

tt3244512 Charlies CountryCharlie’s Country is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Rolf de Heer, the film stars, David Gulpilil as Charlie , Peter Djigirr as Black Pete , Luke Ford, Bobby Bunungurr as Bobby, Frances Djulibing, Jennifer Budukpuduk Gaykamangu as Faith, Peter Minygululu as Old Lulu, Ritchie Singer as Darwin Doctor, Gary Waddell. A brief summary of Charlie’s Country; Blackfella Charlie is out of sorts. The intervention is attaining being alive other existent on his isolated community…

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tt3144098 CommitmentCommitment ”Dong-chang-saeng” is a 2013 Action, Drama film. Directed by Hong-soo Park, the film stars , Seung Hyun Choi as Ri Myung-hoon, Kang Dae-ho, Ye-ri Han as Lee Hye-in, Ho-bin Jeong as Big Dipper, Sung Ha Jo as Moon Sang-chul, Sun-kyung Kim as North Korean Spy, Yoo-Jeong Kim as Ri Hye-in, Ju-shil Lee as North Korean Spy, Ji-il Park as South Korean Agent, Seong-Woong Park as Myung-hoon’s Father, Je-mun Yun as Cha Jung-min. A brief summary of Commitment; The child of a North Korean secret agent decides to near inside his father’s footsteps to protect his slight sister.

Mannenharten 1 vote


tt2513536 MannenhartenMannenharten is a 2013 Comedy film. Directed by Mark de Cloe, the film stars , Katja Herbers as Nicole, Jeroen Spitzenberger as Wouter, Celine Prins as Backpack meisje, Hadewych Minis as Laura, Georgina Verbaan as Susanne, Barry Atsma as Dennis, Daan Schuurmans as Tim, Sanne Vogel as Brigitte, Loek Peters, Ton Kas, Maurice Nathan Weert as Fitness instructor, Liliana de Vries as Maria, Kim Feenstra as Naomi, Dave Mantel as Fotograaf, Teun Kuilboer. A brief summary of Mannenharten; One of the women folk inside the yoga confederation at the activity school.

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With You, Without You

tt2274706 With You, Without YouWith You, Without You is a 2013 Drama film. Directed by Prasanna Vithanage, the film stars , Shyam Fernando as Sarathsiri, Wasantha Moragoda as Gamini, Anjali Patil as Selvi, Maheshwari Ratnam as Lakshmi. A brief summary of Oba Nathuwa Oba Ekka; The motion picture set, inside profession attempt Sri Lanka, brings us getting equipped to two dispositions who collide relatively accidentally…

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The Dempsey Sisters

a The Dempsey SistersThe Dempsey Sisters is a 2013 Family film. Directed by Roger Melvin, the film stars, Denyce Lawton as Deena Dempsey , Lynn Whitfield as Olivia Norman , Antwon Tanner as Thad Dempsey , Teairra Mari as Sheena Dempsey , Cymphonique Miller as Tina Dempsey , MC Lyte as Taylor Powell , Valarie Pettiford as Elizabeth Dempsey , Clifton Powell as Theo Dempsey , Taj Enphiniti as Ava Dempsey , Dominic L. Santana, Ashley Bratcher as New Assistant, Adrian Eugene Graham. A brief summary of The Dempsey Sisters; The Dempsey Sisters is a film just about the voltage of accepting with inside a dream, the oomph of a make bond, in addition to personality ready to assent a positive fad because the lone fad that breeds subsistence price in existence overall.

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tt2041331 sxtapesxtape is a 2013 Horror film. Directed by Bernard Rose, the film stars, Caitlyn Folley as Jill , Julie Marcus as Colette McLeod, Ian Duncan as Adam, Daniel Faraldo as Doctor, Diana García, Eric Neil Gutierrez as Detective. A brief summary of sxtape; Adam plus Jill commit to spice wide awake their relationship by recording a sexual activity tape inside an lonely mansion…

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6 Minutes of Death

a 6 Minutes of Death6 Minutes of Death is a 2013 Sci-Fi film. Directed by Joseph Ciminera, the film stars , Steven Arabia as Demon in Woods, Robert Arensen as Grandpa Michaels, Audra Balewski as Stepanie’s Ghost, John Basedow as Dr. Felps, Alan Bendich as Fitz, Demon, Deborah Bonardi as Mayor’s Wife, Teacher, Natt Brian, Townsperson, Jade Castle, Marisa Chiacu as Attic Ghost, Alexa Ciminera as Tina, Carmela Ciminera, Aaron Fureaux as Tom Peters, Rich Giacalone. A brief summary of 6 Minutes of Death; In a trivial town circa 1860 trivial pox eliminates the existence of alittle boy. He enters a globe that will acquire him prepped also re-incarnated since his subsequently life…

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Short Peace

tt3392330 Short PeaceShort Peace is a 2013 Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi film. Directed by Hiroaki Ando and Hajime Katoki. A brief summary of Short Peace; A traveler is confronted by spirits inside an lonely shrine; a fairy-tale of honor also firefighting inside of age Japan; a ashen undergo defends the royal make bask in a monstrous burgundy demon; ragtag defense force effort a robotic vigor inside futuristic Japan.

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52 Tuesdays

tt3100636 52 Tuesdays52 Tuesdays is a 2013 Drama, Family film. Directed by Sophie Hyde, the film stars, Tilda Cobham-Hervey as Billie , Del Herbert-Jane as James , Mario Späte as Harry , Beau Travis Williams as Tom , Imogen Archer as Jasmine , Sam Althuizen as Josh , Danica Moors, Audrey Mason-Hyde as Frida, Susie Skinner as Jasmin’s Mother. A brief summary of 52 Tuesdays; 16 once a year archaic Billie’s reluctant route to independence is aided once her mommy reveals purposes to sexual intercourse transition also their long system away joined becomes restricted to Tuesday afternoons.